Fender Tube Amp Volume Box, Volume Attenuator, Hot Box

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Tube Amp Volume Box / Volume Attenuator: (This is NOT a Power Attenuator and must never be hooked up between the amp and speaker.)


The Hot Box lowers the volume on a tube amp without sacrificing the awesome cranked tone.


Operates in Serial Effects loop. Works in Parallel loops if adjustable to 100% wet.


Run the Hot Box last in the effect chain if using other effects in the loop.


Made with ABS casing and pro quality components, inside and out.


Results similar to Power Soak, Power Attenuator, or Hot Plate.


Numbered dial for easy setup with different amps.


Looks great on top of amp or pedal board.


Small enough to fit in your pocket.


Does not require a power source.


Safe for your amp.


Great price.



Once connected, simply set the Hot Box knob to it's
lowest setting, turn up your amp, and bring up the Hot Box
knob to the desired volume.